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About Me

I recently graduated in Economics from the University of Cambridge and am now looking to help research the most pressing problems related to public policy and sustainable growth.

Previous experiences include working with the UN (migration), Harvard's Berkman Klein Centre (artificial intelligence), and Oxford Martin School (climate change). You can read my CV and connect with me on LinkedIn.

I care deeply about "doing good better" and am part of the Effective Altruism community. In my spare time, I co-host a podcast/blog called Hear This Idea and enjoy reading. Sometimes I also tweet my thoughts online.

The best way to contact me is via email: "hello[at]lucarighetti[dot]com" — I love meeting new people! If you are in Oxford and want to grab a coffee, do send me a message. You can also leave anonymous feedback, which is very useful to me.



Self-reinforcing Corruption (Dissertation)

This was my undergraduate dissertation, which found evidence of asymmetric peer effects in the 2009 MPs' Expenses Scandal. It was nominated for the Gladstone Memorial Prize — awarded by the University of Cambridge to the best dissertation in economics, history or politics.

The data-set includes several variables that do not appear to be easily available elsewhere (e.g. MPs' corrupt expenses and university attendance). These may be useful for a range of other applications. Details on sources and how this was coded can be found in the dissertation itself.

Righetti, L.F. (2020). Self-reinforcing Corruption: Evidence from the MPs' Expenses Scandal [Undergraduate dissertation]. Faculty of Economics, University of Cambridge.
📑 Data in CSV format

Important: The dissertation and new variables in the data-set should be attributed as shown above. Some data sources require citation as part of their licenses too (see dissertation for references). Please email me if you spot any errors or omissions.

Tripos Care Package (Revision Materials)

For my undergrad examinations I created revision guides for all my modules, including essay plans and summaries of articles. I have been told that people found these useful, so I am making everything publicly available:

📑 Part I: MicroMacroMetricsPoliticsHistory
📑 Part IIA: MicroMacroMetricsDevelopment
📑 Part IIB: (coming soon)

Important: All documents were entirely written for my own personal use and with the sole purpose to pass my exams. Everything, including essay plans, in no way reflect my actual opinions, neither then nor now. There are some small mistakes and the Cambridge syllabus has changed — I am not interested in updating these. Please view this as simply increasing your 'revision budget set'.

Public Policy & NGOs

CDI Working Paper Series (Articles)

I volunteered for the Cambridge Development Initiative, a registered non-profit operating in Dar-Es-Salaam (Tanzania). After first being a Monitoring & Evaluation Officer, I was then appointed Research Director.

As part of this role, I was the Series Editor of the CDI Working Paper Series 2018/19, which included seven articles on topics relevant to CDI's projects. You can read these on their website:

CDI Working Paper Series 2018/19

BKC: Facial Recognition Surveillance (Slides)

During the four-week Summer Institute on "AI Principles and Practice" I was part of a group project that examined facial recognition surveillance in the US. My role was to identify trends in public perception and media coverage. You can find the full project here and my selected data visualisations below:

Facial Recognition: Public

Facial Recognition: Media


Hear This Idea (Podcast/Blog)

I co-host Hear This Idea, "a podcast showcasing new thinking in philosophy and social sciences", together with my friend Fin Moorhouse.

Each episode is an in-depth interview, where we ask academics to explain their field and their research. Every episode also has an accompanying write-up, which helps explain our guests' work in more depth and collects links to further-readings. You can listen to Hear This Idea on all platforms and read our articles on the website.

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